Imp​(​r​)​eachment (feat. Nick Arthur of Molotov Solution)

by Meat My Mum

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New 2013 single!

We would like to thank Upstart Media for a great lyric video which can be seen on Total Deathcore's YouTube channel and we would also like to thank Nick of MS for his sick guestvocals!


Welcome to modern society where killing has never been that easy
Just a word, a check-in, a single purchase
And you contribute to mankind's greatest and most obnoxious overbearance

This insolence we live in is a one-way road to pure extinction
The darkest minds of human race just lead us to extermination

Riddled with filth, this scandalous system
Means nothing more than a life in prison

'I am the way and the truth and the life.'
But Jesus has been crucified

No more ways of absolution
Just thoughts of war and retribution
One day it will all come back to you
This is your boomerang-shaped demise

You will relapse again and again
Until everything you took from them will be given back

Crave for remedy and they bring you words of solace
As they take your freedom and feed you lies

We keep the hopeless malnourished so we can make our own pity driven profit out of it
We like to imagine ourselves as benevolent so we can sleep at night without a feeling of guilt

Why is it that we'd rather fatten our cattle and keep letting history repeat itself to no end
Instead of giving the truth to the people

(N) Just another corrupt king of venality
(G) Sitting behind the throne of bestiality
(N) Controlling his forces of brutality
(G) Conducting his flagship of fatality

(N) The epitome
(G) Of banality... is you


Apparently 2 million dollars means freedom even if you're a murderer
Thus governments are collecting your taxes to pay for their eliminations

Manslaughter is what you do by supporting them
And an act of negligence always ends in homicide
Our Jesus has been crucified

[Your system is worthless]
Your system is worthless and everything you thought was real is wrong
A leadership modified to control and exploit

I am not your fucking subject

Fuck your lies


released October 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Meat My Mum Lebach, Germany

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